Almost A Darwin Award Winner Of The Year: Exploding Lawnmower Guy – Video

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(The Darwin Awards are given out yearly to people who accidentally off themselves by the most stupid ways humans can invent, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool. This guy “only” lost a leg — it could have been so much worse.)

What can possibly go wrong when you pack a riding lawnmower with 3 lbs. of tannerite and blow it up … from 43 feet away?

This guy, David Pressley of Atlanta, found out.

USA Today reports that: “According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy responded to a 911 call Saturday about an explosion. The caller reported that 32-year-old David Pressley was shooting at a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder in the woods and ‘had possibly blown his legs off from the explosion.'”

Two of Pressley’s friends fashioned a tourniquet around his leg, helped him into the front seat of a vehicle and drove him to a nearby road. EMS met the group there.

“EMS advised David was missing his left leg below the knee,” the Sheriff’s Department report says.

What’s rather bizarre is that this video was intended to be used as an example of asserting your rights to use guns, things that go BOOM, and the constahtooshun.


So … much like the people and their cars who fall through the ice on lakes in the Northern states when it’s too thin to be out driving a car on it, do we charge people like this for the EMS services and rescue?

I think yes.

(And by the way, doesn’t his accent remind you of someone else featured recently on an NRA video?)

NSFW, and graphic content: