A Right Wing Talk Radio Host Is Losing His Faith In God (Audio)

Photo credit: YouTube capture Right wing talk radio host Michael Savage

Photo credit: YouTube capture
Right wing talk radio host Michael Savage

Right wing talk radio dispenses lies on a daily basis to the terminally uninformed, and here’s the proof.

Michael Savage, conservative host of The Savage Nation, which bills itself as “talk radio for the thinking person,” explained to his listeners why he goes in and out of his belief in God. And why do you think he faces this crisis on a nearly daily basis? Well, gee, it’s because President Obama and Hillary Clinton have shaken his belief to its very shallow core.

“I go in and out of it lately. When I see what Obama gets away with, what Hillary gets away with, I lose my faith,” he said and then sniffed.

According to Savage, who I think is aptly named for his harsh stance on just about everything, the plight of the white working poor was destroyed by the “60s hippies generation,” “the welfare state” and “a loss of God.” He claims that the “antiquated” white churches that used to serve them are now rehab centers; places for people with mental disorders, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Sex Anonymous meetings, and Porn Anonymous meetings. He posits that there is no God anymore because the government has taken over those lovely little churches and filled their parking lots with a bunch of drug-crazed sexaholics who have forsaken God for the chemical and carnal pleasures of the world.

“What happened to the white man?” he asks. “I would say it’s the lack of God. Once they stopped going to church and once they stopped believing in an all-seeing and all-powerful God, frankly they went to you know where – they crossed the river.”

Never wanting to be accused of being a racist, he goes on to say it’s the same for the poor black people and painted the 1950s as almost heaven for African-Americans. “If you look back in the 1950s, the black family was strong, they were still church-going; blacks had tens of thousands of businesses in this country and that all ended with the ‘60s hippie generation, ended with the welfare state. Maybe the same thing is true for the white person – the poor white – welfare maybe destroyed them. Maybe it’s welfare that killed them – and a loss of God.”

He goes on to attack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, telling his listeners that there is no such thing as a moderate liberal – that all liberals are radicals.

Okay, now that we’re clear on whose fault every bad thing in the country is: those dirty hippies – President Obama and Hillary Clinton – Savage goes on to say that if God exists, he would be a member of the right wing.

“Who do you fear the most?” he asked. “The vast right-wing conspiracy or the vast left-wing conspiracy? My answer was, if you analyze both sides of the equation, you will come to see the right wing supports God, country, family, the military and has far higher moral standards than the left. The left uses the courts to undermine the popular will. What they cannot gain through the ballot box, they gain through the gavels.”

Wow. It is downright amazing, not to mention frightening, how Savage and those of his ilk can completely ignore reality and swallow whole obvious lies. For instance, his claim that those cute little country churches with the steeples pointing to the sky are all but gone, even when 70% of Americans claim Christianity as their religion, is a complete and utter fabrication. Support for our military families? That’s a crock! Recent history proves otherwise.  The incredible lie about how successful our African-American citizens were before those terrible liberals got hold of them and struck down voting rights violations (which, by the way, have been reinstated by many conservative states), desegregated schools, instituted non-discriminatory policies in housing and employment, not to mention the right to eat at a lunch counter or sit anywhere they pleased on a bus, just goes to show how absolutely willfully clueless Savage and his followers are.

In the 1950s, black people were still being lynched for the unspeakable crime of being black. Today, in a different tactic worthy of the KKK, the police who are there to protect citizens gun down unarmed African-Americans on our streets and, with few exceptions, get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, if that. And Savage thinks that’s because there is no belief in God? Maybe that’s true. Perhaps people who kill other people just because they’re the wrong color think they can do it because there will be no price to pay, either here or in the afterlife they profess to believe in.

The fact is, the right wing is about as far from Godly principles as water is to fire. Everything espoused by these so-called God-fearing patriots runs counter to Christian teachings to love your neighbor. The right wing loudly states that health care is not a right. They want to ban Muslims from entering the country; and that begs the question, what about the Muslims who are citizens of this country? What to do about them? Veiled in “protecting” the unborn, they seek to withhold not just abortion services, which are constitutionally guaranteed by the Roe v. Wade decision, but all services, including cancer screenings, from poor people regardless of color. The right wants to dismantle the Department of Education, The Environmental Protection Agency (which they blame for the Republican-caused Flint water crisis), and the Internal Revenue Service. One wonders where the money to fund the government would come from if there were no IRS. But then, the right thinks there should be no federal government, because a country of 300 million needs no oversight. Yeah, right.

Talk radio for the thinking person? No, I don’t think so. More like talk radio for the selfish, angry, fearful, and terminally deluded.

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