9 Year Old Girl Scoops Major Media On Murder Story (Videos)


9 year old Hilde Kate Lysiak was hours ahead of the competition.

Hilde Kate Lysiak of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, has a passion for reporting. She writes and publishes a monthly paper, Orange Street News, in her hometown. Last week she beat out all the competition when she broke a story about an alleged murder that took place blocks from her home.

When she got a tip on Saturday afternoon that something was going down a few blocks from her home, she and her dad, a former New York Daily News reporter, went to investigate, getting there well ahead of the established media.

Her report prompted a huge negative backlash from people who thought 9 year old girl’s time would be better spent playing with dolls or having tea parties. That didn’t go down so well with Hilde, who posted another video on her website answering her detractors.

Hilde’s parents are behind her 100%. When asked about whether they were concerned about their daughter reporting on a murder, Hilde’s mother, Bridget, had this to say: “I really don’t. I think we talk so much about the glory days of the 70s and 80s when kids were roaming free. But really, statistically, kids are safer now that they were then. The police are at the crime scene. I’m really not too worried. It’s not like she was inside the house.”

As for Hilde, she summed it up in one concise statement. “If you don’t like my paper, nobody’s forcing you to read it.”

Well said, Hilde! Well said!

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