Clinton Supporters Attack Jane Sanders For Her Appearance

Bernie & Jane Sanders

Hillary Clinton supporters take to Twitter to insult Jane Sanders for her weight, clothes, and hair. 

Jane Sanders was trending on Twitter the other day. In fact, she was trending so much that she nearly surpassed Bill Clinton as a trending topic following his unfortunate rant about Black Lives Matter at an event in Philadelphia.

What did Jane Sanders do to merit the attention of Hillary Clinton supporters who came out in droves to insult her? Apparently the Clinton crowd doesn’t like the way she dresses, what she wears, and how much she weighs.

The call went out on Reddit from user 7Pascal posting:

There’s some really awful stuff on there. Strangely enough, if Bernie supporters had said it, we’d be called sexist Berniebros. Let’s defend the unshakeable defense she gave of Bernie!

EDIT: The Clinton campaign loves these hit and run kind of attacks. They perpetuate things, and then when they’re called out they call foul for being “attacked”. If we don’t defend Bernie and Jane, people will believe we can’t defend it. #JANEFORFLOTUS

This post is actually the result of a tweet I received in response to something I posted:

The response I got was this:

And actually the “show us your taxes” is getting to be a pretty lame argument itself, but I’ll get to that in a separate post.

It didn’t take long to dig up some Tweets from Hillary ‘feminists’ illustrating the point of the meme in the original post.

and this a little later:

This guy, @TheSamGrady , kept it simple. And why wouldn’t he? It’s important to keep your opinions brief and to the point on Twitter:

This one went for the full mixed metaphor attack:

This one seems to be concerned with her apparel and hair:

And here are some more, just to prove a point:

With all the complaints about BernieBros and their sexist comments being blamed on the Sanders campaign is it now fair to blame this disgusting behavior on the Clinton campaign?

There’s plenty to say here about these attacks and what kind of person Jane Sanders is and what she’s done throughout the course of her life, but I’m going to let a couple of the Reddit users speak here:


Oh my god, we’ll have a FLOTUS that looks like an average American post menopausal woman, what will we do?????


Jane wears several of the same outfits when she has public appearances, you never get the idea that she would scream in your face for asking a question or that Bernie tries to groom or dress her to make him look better. Real couples, with real, non political, marriages accept and support each other and that seems to be who they are.


Holy mother of f- Even calling her a B*TCH would have been less misogynistic than calling her ugly… At least The B word typically is about a woman’s character. No. Instead of Depth of any degree they just went for ugly.

You can see the whole thread at Reddit and feel free to follow or click on any of the tweets above and read through some of the other hateful comments. Militant Clinton supporter, @2016HillaryGo, is particularly nasty with personal attacks on Jane Sanders and pretty much anyone not supporting Clinton.

At times, she sounds more like a Trump supporter with some of her posts:

Classy, right? The account is full of insulting comments to minimum wage workers, Sanders supporters, the poor, and the struggling. This is what we’ve come to. A couple who have worked all their lives for the public good — dedicating their lives to just causes — to be insulted by morons about the clothes they wear and their physical appearance. Exactly the sort of thing both Jane and Bernie Sanders have been fighting against the better of their lives.

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