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The Drug war: Sir Richard Branson has a plan to lower the amount of opioid deaths in America by following what Portugal has done.

Paul Ryan: will the Speaker who never wanted to be the speaker actually become the president that he doesn’t want to become? According to him it’s a resounding no, but pundits can’t seem to want to believe him.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: Zuckerberg gives an unusually uncomfortable and nervous appearance during most of his public events. In this particular speech he takes a veiled shot at Donald Trump and talks about Facebook’s role in the globe.

Bill O’Reilly on racism: Odd, we know, but O’Reilly had a few interesting observations about black people during a conversation he had with Donald Trump. Not to mention, Tavis Smiley was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show to comment on O’Reilly’s blatant and bigoted remarks.

Richard and Tony also discuss grammar, hate mail, hate comments, the Nazis, Hitler, drug addiction and they go back and listen to a phone call they received from a rude listener who insisted on talking about their junk.


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