John Oliver’s Exposé On Congressional Fundraising (Video)

Photo credit: Screen capture YouTube

Photo credit: Screen capture YouTube

If you think your Congressional representatives spend the bulk of their time working on the business of the country, you are in for a rude awakening.

In the midst of an election season, with all the attendant talk about money and politics, it might be a good time for us to take a look at how that money is raised. Specifically, Congressional fundraising. We’re all familiar with email inboxes overflowing with requests for our hard earned money. I’m sure that you, like me, go down your feed hitting delete, delete, delete, delete as requests from people seeking office in states far from your home appear faster than you can get rid of them.

Once the election is over, we all tend to think the candidates we’ve put into office are going to get to work on all those issues they talked about during the race.

Uh, no!

As John Oliver illustrates in this segment from his HBO program Last Week Tonight, their time for actually working on the business of the country is severely impacted by the time they must spend at fundraisers or the hours on the phone calling big dollar donors to meet goals set by their respective Parties. Those goals can range from $125,000 at the lower end of the spectrum up to $800,000 or more. Oliver deals with the subject with humor, but it is a sad commentary on the nature of politics in this country.

From using a 30th wedding anniversary as an opportunity to raise money to being pulled out of hearings to get on the phone and beg for money, the state of things in our government is abysmal. No wonder our representatives and senators don’t have the time necessary to actually read the legislation they are expected to vote on.

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