The Newest Member Of The Ted Cruz Team Is A Demon Hunter

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

Ted Cruz is honored to have demon hunting homophobe Gordon Klingenschmitt on his Colorado team.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Ted Cruz has views that are not exactly within the mainstream of American thinking. Nobody really likes the guy, and the only reason he’s doing as well as he is in the primary contests is that he is just a tad less detestable than Donald Trump.

It’s no secret that Ted believes gay marriage is an assault on religious liberty; he led the government shutdown in an ill-fated attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act; he believes Planned Parenthood executives should be prosecuted and he likes to talk about carpet bombing ISIS to find out if sand glows in the dark. Still, even with those extreme positions, it’s a little (but only a little) surprising to find out that Ted recently announced that Colorado state legislator and right wing loon extraordinaire Gordon Klingenschmitt is going to be part of his Colorado leadership team.

Dr. Chaps, as Klingenschmitt likes to be called, is the same man who back in 2006 was kicked out of the Navy for wearing his uniform to a political rally – a big no-no. Klingenschmitt knowingly violated military regulations and, in an effort to make a splash after the military was willing to give him a pass, demanded a court martial, which much to his surprise, he lost. During a speech at a right wing conference in Arizona, he claimed he was prevented from praying in the name of Jesus while serving as a chaplain and took on the role of the victim, putting forth the argument that anti-Christian persecution was in play. He even went so far as say that God had called up a hurricane to support him in the face of the Navy’s poor treatment of him. In reality, he lost because he’d posed multiple problems in the past. Wearing a uniform to a political rally was the last straw, and the Navy decided it had had enough.

Klingenschmitt believes gay people should be discriminated against because only those who are going to heaven are deserving of equal rights. In the aftermath of the New Mexico Supreme Court’s ruling that a photography studio’s refusal to photograph a same sex wedding was unconstitutional, he urged Christian photographers to print anti-gay verses from scripture on the backs of wedding photos of gay couples.

He charges that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should never have been repealed because gay soldiers are “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels,” and that gays are possessed by demonic spirits that cause them to persecute Christians. This is the man who boasted that, as a Navy chaplain, he once performed an exorcism on a rape victim to rid her of the foul stench of lesbianism.

But Klingenschmitt isn’t a one-issue (gay-hating) kind of man. Oh, no, this is the man who said former Texas legislator Wendy Davis is ruled by a Demon of Murder, that Planned Parenthood executives have blood dripping from their fangs.

Klingenschmitt won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2014, but within the first year of his term, he was stripped of his seat on the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee in the wake of his claim that abortion was to blame for the brutal attack of a pregnant woman.

He even wrote a book that put forward the case that demonic spirits rule President Obama and went so far as trying to perform an exorcism on the White House.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Obamacare causes cancer, but the good doctor will set you straight (pardon the pun) on that.

In defense of Second Amendment rights, Dr. Chaps asserts that the Bible commands people to own guns for the purpose of defending themselves against left wing crazies. (I missed that passage in the Bible.)

This man is one large quivering ball of cancerous hatred who invokes the name of Jesus to spread his malignancy.

And Ted Cruz is honored to have him on his team.

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