A Republican President Will Get Nothing Done Because No One Will Work With Them


A Republican president would walk into a Congress, Military, CIA and government that will not work with them.

The closer Trump gets to securing the nomination the more it looks like there will be very little for him to do. Not only have ordinary citizens threatened to leave, but high ranking military and political office holders have also said that they will not work with him.

The Socialist country of Canada has gone so far as to offer an island off the coast of Maine as a refuge to escaping Americans should they choose to flee a Trump presidency.

But on a more serious note, the ”Washington Post” is reporting that GOP foreign policy elites are already saying that they will not work with a President Trump. According to the article, when these foreign policy experts get together they talk about two things: How has Donald Trump come so close to becoming the party’s standard-bearer? And, if Trump were elected president, would any of them serve in his administration?

Trump has named a few people that he would have on his team, but it’s not sure that those he named were aware of his plans:

Some of those Trump has mentioned with admiration have denied they are on his team. Asked last month if the respect Trump voiced for him was mutual, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass told NPR that he had briefed Trump, among other candidates, once last year and said, ‘I simply don’t know him well enough to give you that kind of judgment.’

Add to that, former CIA Director Michael Hayden telling Bill Maher that there is a legitimate possibility that the U.S. military would refuse to follow orders given by Donald Trump if the Republican front-runner becomes president, and the current Director, John Brennen telling NBC that they will not engage in “enhanced interrogation techniques” including waterboarding regardless of what the future president says.

Of course, as far as Trump is concerned, those guys are just a bunch of idiots. And this kind of dissension would include Cruz as well, since he’s also said he’d waterboard and carpet bomb.

Both Trump and Cruz have said, in one form or another, that they will get rid of a slew of departments, including the IRS, EPA, Education, and a host of regulatory agencies. It’s safe to say that there won’t be a lot of government left to oversee if they have their way.

And then there’s the issue of personality. No one in Congress likes either of these guys. In fact, they are hated by their own party. Anything they try to accomplish will be blocked so viciously by Congress that it will make Obama’s eight years look like the summer of free love.

It’s not just the CIA who has an issue with Trump. Last month War on the Rocks published on open letter signed by more than 50 conservative foreign policy experts condemning Trump as unfit for the office. Among the people who signed the letter were former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff, former deputy secretary of state Robert Zoellick, former homeland security adviser Frances Townsend, and former undersecretary of defense Dov Zakheim — all of whom served under President George W. Bush.

It’s starting to look as though a President Trump or President Cruz would have no one to give orders to should either become president. Their supporters however, don’t seem to care, and they continue to let them know that they’ll get people to listen to and that they have advisers in place.

They sure do. Trump has George Papadopoulos, graduated from college in 2009 and in 2012 was even the U.S. Representative at the 2012 Geneva International Model United Nations. For Cruz’ part, his advisers, David and Jason Benham, are the two guys behind the arcane anti-LGBT laws in several states that have so far cost those states billions — and that was in the first month.

With those kind of credentials and those kind of people advising the future President Trump we should all be able to sleep better knowing we’re in good hands.

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