6 Hilarious Times That Road Rage Turned To Instant Karma


Let’s face it — the phenomenon of road rage features some of the worst examples of humanity on the planet.

OK … maybe I’m going a bit too far with that statement.

I’ve been a bit guilty of it, too. I believe my kids have learned several new curse words from riding in the back when I’m behind the wheel. I’m not proud of that fact.

But you know what? I’ve never gone past a few choice words and maybe the middle finger; some of the people in these videos, however, have. Wow.

Here are 6 of the funniest, most thumbs-up clips where a driver who’s at the receiving end of road rage gets the best of the perp. Or, even better, when they do it to themselves.

1. Bicyclist is attacked by a driver, and then chased (!). The ending is simply fabulous. (Skip to about 02:20 if you don’t have a lot of time.) And yes, it made me LOL.

2. This one is a classic, and you’ve probably seen it, but it’s been several years since it went viral. I really can’t imagine I’d be calm and thoughtful enough to do what the driver of the SUV did here, but wow … effective, and hysterical!

3. These bikers are very aggressive. In this case, the one doing the filming was being a jerk and the car driver got the best of him.To get to the good part, skip to about 01:50. Made me jump!

4. Another brilliantly executed one — but to be honest, the road rage driver unknowingly set it up for the other driver to knock it out of the park. What you leave your car door open and tempers are flaring, well … stuff happens!

5. This guy. I mean, let alone the fact that he kept his eyes off the road for a considerable amount of time while he tried to maintain that bird flying at the other driver.

And that grimace/grin … what follows very quickly, though, is a dish of karma served warm and fuzzy.

6. And finally, a very classy young lady doesn’t let this selfish driver get the best of her, or make her angry. Instead, she pulls off a brilliant move in the moment that likely left the idiotic driver speechless — but certainly, trapped. Watch:

Now that winter’s coming, there will be lots of fools on the roads, so an installment #2 of this will probably be on the horizon in a few months. Stay tuned. And stay calm; it’s not worth getting angry about. (Telling that to myself … coping skills, man!)


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