It’s Happening, Folks. Women Are Being Harassed For Being In … The Women’s Bathroom.


Things have gotten so far out of control that women are now being harassed for this?

Take a look at her. Sure, the baseball cap might make her look a little less “feminine” (and, as she says in this video, she looks adorable in that hat!) but, really, how about IT’S NONE OF ANYBODY’S BUSINESS.

Do women and men have to start “looking” like someone in particular to use a given bathroom? Maybe all women need to dress like June Cleaver, and all men like Burt Reynolds?

Maybe y’all just need to worry about your own business when you go to the can to do your business, and leave everybody else alone.

How about that?

This kind of insanity is what happens when a state like North Carolina passes a bill “assigning” bathrooms by birth sex, rather than by what people identify as. (By the way, Oklahoma is heading the same direction). The fear, paranoia, and just plain hatred that ensues will end up being damaging to everybody.

Listen to Aimee Toms describe the incident as it happened in a Connecticut Walmart bathroom:

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