Pope Calls Corporations ‘Bloodsuckers’ For Exploiting Workers

The pope delivered a mass this week in which he called corporations “bloodsuckers” for how they treat and exploit their workers.

In case you were looking for another reason to love Pope Francis, one of his recent masses might give you one. Of course, if you’re a Republican and read Ayn Rand like it’s the gospel of capitalism, you’ll have another reason to hate him and call him a Communist.

On Thursday, while the pope was delivering his mass, he condemned “bloodsuckers who grow rich by exploiting others, saying making ‘slaves’ out of workers and setting unfair contracts was a mortal sin,” according to Reuters.

Also according to the article:

During mass at the Vatican, he told a story about a girl who found a job working 11 hours a day for 650 euros ($729) a month, paid “under the table”. ($1 = 0.8919 euros)

“This is starving the people with their work for my own profit! Living on the blood of the people. And this is a mortal sin,” he said at the service in his Santa Marta residence.

“Without a pension, without health care … then they suspend (the contract), and in July and August (the workers) have to eat air. And in September, they laugh at you about it. Those who do that are true bloodsuckers.”

Prior to the Republican Jesus Ronald Reagan, companies offered pensions and other benefits. They treated workers with respect, and it was possible to live a fairly comfortable life working 40 hours per week. Imagine that? If you wanted to, you could take a second job if you wanted a better car, a nicer house, or a great vacation. Today, 50 percent of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in the event of an emergency, and a majority are living month to month.

We all saw how hard the GOP fought against healthcare and a living wage. And we’re seeing now how hard they’re willing to fight to keep people in poverty. Just last week, President Obama raised the rate at which workers should be compensated for working more than 40 hours per week, and the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, a Republican, has made it clear that he will fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening.

Companies today work their employees long hours, claim they can’t afford a living wage, refuse to provide healthcare and, in some cases, don’t even let them go to the bathroom, forcing them to wear diapers. All this while raking in billions in profits and paying their CEOS millions. The pope calls them blood suckers, and the GOP calls them job creators. Remind me who the Christians are?

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