Silent Disco – The New Dance Craze (Video)

Silent Disco @ McEwan Hall - 12

What is silent disco and where can I get some?

If you’ve ever lived near a dance club or suffered through a noisy party at your neighbor’s house – that party you weren’t invited to attend or didn’t even want to attend – then you know how annoying that booming base beat can be. No more! Silent disco to the rescue!

It’s been around for a while, but now it’s sweeping the country, and people are partying to their favorite dance tunes without turning up the volume for all to hear. They simply put a headset on, choose their channel (there are 2 or 3 depending on the headset), set the volume to their liking and, in the parlance of the original disco days, get down and boogie.

It’s a phenomenon that is fast taking off, with about a dozen companies offering their versions of silent disco. Rent those headphones for a party at your home, at the beach, at your school – hey! maybe even the office Christmas party!

When you want to take a break and have a conversation, just slide the headphones off – or partly off if you still want to hear what’s playing – and talk without having to shout over blasting music. With a choice of channels, you can pick the tunes you want. The colors on the headsets tell you what the other dancers are moving to.

ABC 7 San Francisco weatherman Drew Tuma departed from reporting on the barometric pressure and hit the city’s party scene to investigate. What he found was a semi-silent gathering of people (because they still talk and laugh while they’re rocking out) having the time of their lives while leaving the neighbors in a merciful and welcome silence.

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