The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Days On The Walmart Board Of Directors

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It was a long time ago. Have her views on Walmart changed?

Walmart is famously anti-union and has pretty much always maintained that stance all the way back to founder Sam Walton. So, when Hillary was on its Board of Directors for 6 years (1986 to 1992), did she challenge that, or the company’s shift to buying from sweatshops in China and Bangladesh?

The answer, like everything in politics … is complicated.

As you’ll see in this clip made during the 2008 campaign by ABC’s Good Morning America, she was aware of the anti-union aspect of Walmart, but remained silent while on the board of the company as it was happening.

However, she did promote Walmart’s short-lived “Made in America” campaign in 1991, and says she was not aware of the company actually cheating on that campaign by using foreign sweatshop-made goods but stocking them on shelves that had a huge “Made In America” sign over them. She also worked hard to change the males-only model of Walmart’s board during her time there.

The fact remains: While on its board, she did not challenge the company’s anti-union stance, at all. She has since somewhat distanced herself from Walmart’s labor policies, but not totally.

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on the union issue; while I much prefer the point of view of a candidate like Bernie Sanders on labor unions, I do understand that positions on issues evolve over time. Just look at how far most of America (and the world, for that matter) has come on the issue of marriage equality in the last 25 years. Hillary did so, too.

With 30 national unions and one local union having endorsed Hillary, and 7 national and over 70 local unions endorsing Bernie, let’s hope she really has evolved on this issue and isn’t just going to toss labor out on its ear — like so many other Democratic candidates have — if she takes the office of POTUS.

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