Trump Opts For Ignorance And Ego At A Time Calling For Diplomacy And Expertise

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s response to Turkey bombing proves he is nothing more than America’s drunk Republican uncle.

As Donald Trump advocates for the waterboarding of terrorist suspects in his response to yesterday’s bombing in Istanbul, one thing becomes abundantly clear:

Donald Trump is America’s drunk Republican uncle.

You know, the one sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, offending everyone with his racist, xenophobic ideas about how to run the country–a job which he lacks the brains and qualifications for?

And as we try to tune out the rantings by focusing on bits of mashed potato and pie hanging from his wobbling chin, we just thank our lucky stars that he has no real authority to enact any of these ignorant notions of his?

Well, Trump is all of our drunk Republican uncles if they had money, power, Presidential ambitions and, let’s face it, a real shot at the White House.

Just marinate in that gravy for a bit.

And as you do that, consider this as well: For all the privilege, prestige and money that Donald Trump grew up with, none of that has had any effect on his intellect whatsoever. For all of the world traveling, unique experiences, ideas and people he has had the great fortune of having been exposed to, Trump, still, was able to somehow miss any of the benefit and miraculously remain – for the entirety of his life – a buffoon.

If there is anything Trump has been undeniably successful at, it is having completely avoided becoming a better, more enlightened person. Well done.

While speaking to supporters at a Tuesday night rally at the Ohio University Eastern Campus, Trump said he would support bringing back the use of waterboarding and “much worse” forms of torture, for terrorist suspects. It’s hard to decipher what he means by “much worse.” Although I would be willing to bet money even he doesn’t know.

Progressives gnash their teeth about Hillary’s centrist platform, and, while sometimes it is frustrating, I will take a centrist over a drunk Republican uncle platform any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Echoing the sentiments of everyone’s drunk Republican uncle, (we’ll call him DRU henceforth) Trump said, “We have to fight so viciously and violently because we’re dealing with violent people.”

As NBC News senior political editor, Mark Murray pointed out, “He’s not clear about what that means. What beyond waterboarding does all that “fire” entail? Does it mean sending tens of thousands of US troops into Syria? Does it mean deploying Americans’ own suicide bombers into ISIS controlled regions and airports?”

The answer is simple, Trump, like DRU, is speaking from his arse.

Not only that, but the tactics Trump promotes are themselves illegal acts of terrorism.

Donald Trump, in all of his ignorance and inexperience, claims that the problem is that the United States is just not “tough enough” on terrorists.

Let’s be clear. The US is killing people. We have our best military minds working full-time on this issue. The issue is not that we are not tough enough. There is, unfortunately, no simple, easy or quick answer to the issue of terrorism.

After years of some significant, imperialistic American foreign policy failures, it will take considerable time for things to be right. Period. It’s only ignoramuses like Donald and DRU’s who cannot grasp this.

The more Donald Trump speaks, the clearer it becomes that his base really doesn’t care to have any sort of expert at the helm, what they want is a blustery, old, know-nothing racist. Someone that sounds familiar.

Therefore it benefits Trump to frame his entire argument and his policies with the propagandist ‘Us vs Them’ mentality, which he does:

“They eat dinner like us. Can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they’re eating their dinner, (it is customary in some Middle East cultures to eat together in a circle on the floor) talking about the Americans don’t do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads.”

As Donald extols his fantasy about terrorists’ mealtime chats, his psychosis really begins to peep through when he says: “They probably think we’re weak, we’re stupid, we don’t know what we’re doing, we have no leadership.”

This morsel from Donald reveals a huge red flag woven throughout Donald’s entire campaign: This thin-skinned temperament and fear of what others think of us and of him.

ISIS’ opinion of us or our counter-terrorism strategies is of zero consequence. This is only the sort of thing a person with severe ego issues would consider. Someone like Donald Trump, a fragile, egomaniac, terrified of anyone, even a terrorist, harboring a negative opinion of him.

This is OK for DRU’s. This is not OK, however, for the President of the United States. This type of dysfunction cannot be the driving force behind America’s foreign policy. That is the scariest part. The thought of someone so emotionally challenged making the most important life or death decisions for the US is far more terrifying than any terrorist in my opinion.

“Y’know, you have to fight fire with fire,” Trump says.

Why? So we can be just like them? So as not to be outdone by murderers and rapists? So that we, too, can become terrorists?

Or so they don’t think we’re weak?

These notions would be laughable if this DRU weren’t successfully making a bid for the White House right now.

There is a reason you never hear anyone with any authority speak in such an ignorant, irresponsible way. It’s not because Trump is brave, or that he doesn’t censor himself. It is because his level of ignorance on the world stage is so rare.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has called for the targeted killings of family members of terrorists, another proposal that is illegal under international law.

Trump has also called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” with terrorism.

Trump fails to understand that just because he does not know “what is going on” does not mean everyone else is in the same boat.

A recent Quinnipiac poll had Trump virtually neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to the very real possibility of a Trump/DRU presidency, I only have one thing to say to the American people, and, frankly, I’ll let the Donald have the last word as he sums it up perfectly:

“Folks, there’s something going on that’s really, really bad. And we better get smart and we better get tough or we’re not going to have much of a country left, ok?”


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