Bill Maher Explains Socialism To Republican Idiots – Video


Bill Maher has a gift when it comes to explaining things to idiots, and a segment of his recent show was no different.

Conservatives love to scare people with things like Communism and Socialism. They throw those terms out like chum for rabid, uneducated minions who think those words represent “End Time.”

During this last primary season, Conservatives pointed to Bernie Sanders as the boogeyman who was going to ruin capitalism.

They’ve used the threat of socialism for decades to deregulate and allow corporations and Wall Street to run rampant over consumers.

As Maher points out in the video below, maybe we should be blaming the freewheeling capitalists for the economic and fiscal predicament we’re in today, as Socialism seems to be working out for those at the top.

Someone needs to explain to the free-market crowd that when it comes to socialism, you’re soaking in it. So many Americans hate the word ‘socialism’ but love the concept: Medicare, unemployment, disability, farm subsidies.

Forget the transgender debate. What America really needs is a separate bathroom for welfare queens.

You can watch the clip, below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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