Disgusting Facebook Page Exposes Some Of Society’s Darkest Corners


Some unknown person – or persons – is trolling Facebook with the Brock Turner Family Support page. 

Stanford University student, Brock Turner got what basically amounts to a slap on the wrist for a disgusting crime. Six months in jail with probation for assaulting an unconscious woman.

The sentence, which falls short of Californian guidelines on minimum sentencing and is an offensively small fraction of the maximum sentencing of four years, has been the source of much controversy.

Judge Aaron Persky, also a graduate of Stanford, has come under fire for his infuriatingly lenient 6-month sentence, of which Turner is expected to only serve half.

In the weeks since the trial, letters have emerged from Turner’s father, friends, and ex-girlfriend – all rallying around the heartless criminal.

In the most recent bid to show solidarity with the Turners, whose son has been banned from USA swimming for life, a ‘Family Support’ page has been set up on Facebook.

The description of the page reads:

They are dealing with a monumental life-changing and tragic situation and their expenses continue to mount!

Must be tough. You can really feel the pain. The poor family having to live through something as horrible as having a convicted rapist in their gene pool.

It is not so much that this page exists at all, what’s not going over too well with people online, is the disgusting content being shared on the page.

This ‘who’s the real victim’ puke worthy post is pinned to the top of the Facebook page:

The post refers to the victim as a ‘coward’ and ‘a liar’.

It has been months and the accuser has yet to publicly come forward to face our son. Instead she chose only to read a victim impact statement in the courtroom like a coward. Embarrassing our son before his friends and family. She refuses to put a name and a face to her story for the world to see. Why? She is terrified that the world will See her for who she truly is. A liar. She is terrified what may be unearthed if someone were to dig deep enough into her relationship history. She is terrified that the world will find out she is a co-conspirator in labeling our son a criminal. A co-conspirator in keeping him from achieving his dreams.

Most people, and particularly their families, would normally slink away and hope all of this would blow over. They’d hide in shame and hope that no one knocks at the door. They’d move, change their names, and do everything possible to just get through this.

The Bustle reports that “the Turner’s attorney confirmed in an email that the family did not create it [the Facebook page] but nevertheless, its posts expose some of society’s darkest corners.”

The page’s infuriating content has effectively one-upped the letter Turner’s father addressed to the judge at the beginning of the trial, dismissing his son’s sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster as “20 minutes of action.” Adding salt to the wounds of sexual assault survivors, posts on the page compare Turner’s crime to “failing to drive in the winning run in your little league game” and shame the victim for choosing to protect her identity amidst the lasting trauma.


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