FOX News Anchor Says Anderson Cooper is Biased on Orlando Because He’s Gay – Video


During his Sunday show Howard Kurtz claimed that Anderson Cooper shouldn’t be reporting on the Orlando shooting because being gay makes him biased.

Remember when Donald Trump said that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel should recuse himself from hearing a case against Trump and Trump University because his Mexican descent made him inherently biased? That somehow a Judge, who was born in Indiana would somehow not rule fairly because his ancestors are Mexican.

Did anyone else ask themselves where this would take us now that Trump opened that can of worms? Would African-American judges have to recuse themselves from hearing cases involving whites? Would White judges be considered biased when hearing cases involving anyone of color? What if an Asian gang member were involved in shooting up and robbing a Jewish deli? What nationality, race or heritage would make up the optimal judge to hear that case?

As far as the judicial system is concerned, we’re going to have to wait and see, but the media has jumped in feet first with Trump’s permission.

FOX’s Howard Kurtz on his Sunday show, “Mediabuzz,” was talking about Anderson Cooper’s interview with Florida AG Pam Bondi. During the interview, Cooper asked Bondi about the shooting. It was particularly relevant not only because the shooting happened in her state, but because Bondi fought to ban same-sex marriage in her state calling it, “a danger to society.”

Cooper asked her about that. Several times. Much like any good reporter would.

Kurtz asked Guy Benson, the political editor of the conservative website, whether Cooper seemed “like more than an aggressive journalist” when he questioned Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about her anti-LGBTQ positions in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

Kurtz’ assertions are clear later in the segment when he says, “The only way this line of questioning makes sense is if your underlying assumption is that any opposition to any form of gay rights legislation is rooted in bigotry or hatred,” and calls him an “activist.”

He then goes on to make the wild assertion that journalists like Anderson Cooper may be too biased to cover events like the Orlando shooting because, well, they’re gay.

Cooper was actually asking Bondi about her stance on same-sex marriage and asking her why she was so vehemently against it. It seems that according to Kurtz, it’s biased for a gay reporter to report on gay issues.

FOX logic folks and get ready for an all old white, straight, male line up on FOX. Anything else would be biased, right?

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