Glacier Collapses Right Behind Him As He’s Floating, Playing A Grand Piano In The Arctic – Video


So powerful … World renowned Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi plays a historic concert on Arctic Ocean

This Greenpeace Spain video entitled “Elegy For The Arctic” is haunting and somber, while also being quite beautiful. Pianist Ludovico Einaudi floats among melting Arctic ice near the Isle of Svalbard in Norway.

As he floats right in front of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier, he plays a somber, yet gorgeous piano piece, and behind him, part of the glacier folds and collapses into the ocean — and he keeps right on playing.

Einaudi composed the piece specifically for this clip.

Being here has been a great experience. I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world. It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.

As Greenpeace explains:

The musician, known for his composition for the film, “Black Swan” and the television serial, “Doctor Zhivago”, travelled onboard the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise on the eve of the week-long meeting of the OSPAR Commission, which could secure the first protected area in Arctic international waters.

Detailing the event, Greenpeace continues:

The massive early retreat of sea ice due to the effects of climate change allowed the construction of a 2.6 x 10 metre artificial iceberg, made from more than 300 triangles of wood attached together and weighing a total of nearly two tonnes. A grand piano was then placed on top of the platform.

This project is part of the Greenpeace “Save The Arctic” initiative, which is attempting to get the Arctic declared an Internationally protected area, it’s intensely powerful.

In fact, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.


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