Journalist Exposes How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Public – Video


Former CBS News investigative reporter Sheryl Attkisson discusses how to spot mainstream media lies.

Not many people are aware that six corporations control over 90 percent of the media in America.

To put it more clearly, everything you hear on the radio, see on TV, read on the internet is controlled by one of these six corporations: General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

During her riveting TEDx talk, the veteran investigative journalist (and former CBS News investigative reporter) Attkisson reveals how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages. 

As Attkisson explains, multiple platforms of information are now bombarded with marketing tactics convincing the public what to think and what to buy, how to look, and where to spend hard-earned money.

Such is evident once you wake up and note the blatant lies continuing to spam the TV screen and newspaper headlines – especially when it comes to the subjects of health, food, war, “terrorism,” poverty, and more.

Attkisson offers the following introduction to her talk on her website, writing: “Here’s my TEDx talk on the increasingly artificial paid-for reality we get…and how to recognize the truth.”

“Astroturf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you’re an outlier–when you’re not.”

“Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy.”

“Beware when an interest addresses an issue by controversializing or attacking the people, personalities and organizations surrounding the issue rather than the facts. That could be astroturf.”

Watch the Video below:

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