Millions In Mourning After Conservative WingNut Sean Hannity, 54, Found Alive And Well At Fox News

Sean Hannity

Millions of liberals and progressives are in mourning after it was recently confirmed that right-wingnut Sean Hannity is still gainfully employed.

Rumors have been floating around for years that Sean Hannity was being fired from Fox News for a variety of reasons.

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, one such rumor was renewed this week by what myth-busting organization Snopes calls “the disreputable page American News.”

American News posted an article on their Facebook page along with an urgent call for support.


As Snopes reports, “While the message shown above was posted on 14 June 2016 along with an urgent call for support (and a request for 20,000 likes), this Facebook post linked to an article published in September 2014. In addition to being outdated, this American News article was published under a sensationalized title and gave a misleading version of events.”

Sean Hannity has found himself in hot water after standing up for American values in a heated exchange with a radical Imam in England.

Snopes continues, noting that: “While Hannity did have a heated exchange with Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary in 2014, the Fox News host did not lose his job over the interview. “

Snopes goes on to note that:

Additionally, by asking for “20,000 likes,” the American News page on Facebook is openly engaging in “like-farming,” which uses headlines designed to outrage or tantalize in order to collect responses from unsuspecting social media users.  Sites often then replace the content with some other unrelated, dubious material in order to bypass Facebook’s constraints. It can also be used to spread malicious software.

Other conservative Facebook pages like Conservative Country followed suit, posting essentially the exact same article – this time posting a link to a new article on


Of particular interest, while Liberals Unite ventures no viewpoint on – the site has less than stellar online reviews.

One website, Easy Counter Review, which offers “user review & security stats on any domain” to help views “to decide whether it is safe for your kids and PC or whether it is trustworthy in terms of business,” had this to say about the site: “Worldpoliticus content is not safe for kids and looks fraudulent.” Another consumer advocate site, ScamAnalyze, reports that: “ has Unsatisfactory Reputation” and “May not be Safe to Use.”

So, like it or not — it seems we are stuck with Hannity’s continued existence… at least for now.

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