A Rising Revolt Among Republican Delegates Could Actually Dump Trump – Video

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Radio and internet host, David Pakman, discusses the very real possibility that the RNC and the GOP may dump Trump at the convention.

David Pakman discusses a growing Republican movement to fuel a delegate revolt against Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in the video below.

The David Pakman Show is a politics and news talk show that airs on radio, television, and the internet, hosted by, of course, David Pakman.

Pakman cites Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who endorsed one of the preferred methods for stopping Trump, which, according to Pakman, is to free all 2472 Republican delegates to “vote their conscience” – meaning to free them from having to be bound to Donald Trump. We’ve heard Speaker of the House Paul Ryan make similar statements on cable news shows when asked about whether he was still endorsing Trump and expected the nominee to win.

Saul Anuzis gets some notice in Pakman’s observations. Anuzis is a former top advisor to the Ted Cruz campaign, who, according to Pakman’s assessment, had been dismissing notions about taking down Trump, but who now is saying a Scott Walker/Ted Cruz ticket is looking pretty good. Anuzis is apparently arguing that such a ticket would be the way to get delegates away from supporting Donald Trump at the convention.

To quote Louis, Pakman’s sidekick, “These are the shenanigans we’ve been waiting for.”

Louis goes on to ask Pakman why this should even happen, arguing that the people have spoken and the people want Donald Trump. To which Pakman accurately points out that the GOP is in a catch 22. The Trump campaign is a train wreck and heading for a total disaster. But if the party tries anything at the convention, their base would be furious.

It may very well be time for the GOP to start reconsidering their stance on gun laws.

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