Stephen King and George R.R. Martin Sit Down And Talk About Gun Violence – Video


Two great authors with vivid imaginations when it comes to violence and gore have an interesting take gun violence.

Author of all things that are the topics of horrible nightmares, Steven King sat down for a one on one conversation with “Game of Thrones” author, George R.R. Martin and, among other things, spoke about the culture of gun violence.

Leave it to King to get to the heart of the matter. That these killers are just “f*cking crazy.”

I would argue that someone like the man who shot all these people in Orlando, he may have pledged allegiance to ISIS but before that he was a spouse abuser and somebody with a lot of anger. And I think that in a lot of cases these acts are perpetrated by people who may put some political icing on the cake, but basically they’re just f*cking crazy.

Although the Orlando gunman did pledge allegiance to ISIS, there’s substantial evidence indicating that he had no ties to terrorist group and was more than likely acting on his own out of revenge and his own personal demons.

King also explained that, in his opinion, America as a culture enables -and even promotes – the sort of mass shootings we recently saw occur in Orlando, Florida with gun laws that allow just about anyone to walk into a store and pick up a “f*cking killing machine” that can mow down a crowd of people in minutes.

As long as anybody who’s got only two wheels on the road can walk into a store and buy a f*cking killing machine like an AR-15 or something, this is just going to go on. It’s really up to us.

King also speculated that shooters such as these are glorified by the media – talked about long after they’re dead or in prison and that, in a way, the act of violence will immortalize them in some way.

… these guys are nobodies who see their way to some kind of stardom by creating an act of mass terror. And, of course, the sad thing about this is that we remember the killers long after their victims are forgotten, and that’s one of the things that makes this a self-perpetuating act.

Watch the full conversation below. The part about gun violence starts around the 35:00-minute mark, but the full show is worth it, if you like these two guys.

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