Republican Elites Enraged By Trump As Hatred And Greed Come Full Circle


Trump makes Republican elites feel the helplessness the average American has felt for so long, and it is beautiful to watch.

So it appears the string-pullers behind the Republican party puppets do in fact, have a limit. Threaten to damage their political reins of control, and they will come at you with gilded guns blazing at a swanky, upscale meeting in Park City, Utah.

At least that’s what happened this past weekend at the “Experts and Enthusiasts” gathering hosted by former Republican presidential candidate himself, Mitt Romney.

According to reports, the pampered aristocrats attending the retreat were furious with the Trumpster and hisĀ  racist bad behavior.

However, all of this righteous indignation over the Donald’s racism is the definition of disingenuous. Mitt “47%” Romney doesn’t have some moral opposition to making sweeping generalizations about groups of people. He and his pals are not offended by Trump’s bigotry. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about people, he cares about money. He cares about being able to employ politicians who allow him to hoard his money.

What Mitt Romney and his ilk really find offensive is that Donald Trump is little-by-little, revealing the truth about the Republican party and thereby throwing a big-fat, puffy-haired, orange monkey wrench into Romney’s pristine little plans. For years, super wealthy elites like Mitt have relied on the Republican party’s dealings to ensure the creation of laws and deregulations which serve privileged money-grabbers like himself.

He is used to having Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson stand in their way; he and his people have playbooks for that.

And they have checkbooks for the rest.

But this is what is so frustrating for them. None of these standard plays work for the Donald. For all of his many, clearly documented faults, Trump’s single redeeming factor is that he is making the spoiled, politically pampered GOP donor class for once feel the rage and helplessness regular Americans have felt for so, so, so long.

Even the Elizabeth Warrens of the world can’t really stand in their way so long as they still have Republicans at the local level on their payrolls. The problem is, Trump is so toxic that these wealthy overlords fear a negative backlash down ballot. Then Romney and his kind will have to stand by as their purchases get picked off one by one.

As an average American, it’s easy to feel your vote doesn’t count when you’ve got big money working against you. Romney epitomizes these corrupt forces. For decades, people like Romney have caused the average American to feel helpless, hopeless, disenfranchised in their own country and government. And, lo and behold, look who feels the sting now.

What’s more? They caused it themselves.

It’s a known argument that the Republican party themselves created this hot orange mess that now threatens to hold the highest office in the land. Since the implementation of the Southern Strategy in the 60s, with the Republicans’ courting of racismĀ  and their subtle usage of racially-charged, dog-whistle terminology, they galvanized Southern racists left behind by the Democrats who were starting to embrace the civil rights movement.

This is what is so ironic and interesting about Romney’s ire over Trump. Of course, the average, sensible, non-racist American does not want Trump anywhere near the White House. He is repulsive, arrogant and ignorant of apparently anything even remotely related to policy, geography, history, politics.

But, the fact that he has all but clinched the Republican nomination does represent a certain small freedom from the monied interests the Republican party has increasingly come to embody since the establishment of Reaganomics.

In fact, since the increasing invasion of money in politics, the GOP donor class have not only been getting their way as the overlords of the Republican party–for them, buying politicians and issuing marching orders has become pretty standard practice. They cannot do this with Trump. They can’t buy him. They can’t control him. And that is why they are angry and threatening to withhold their money.

On the bright side, Trump seems to be fine with this and is even adjusting his expected fund raising amounts in accordance.

This is not to say Trump would not be on board with complying with some of their demands. What’s good for Trump in many ways is good for the GOP donor class, but the problem is, Trump is like a bull in a very artfully, painstakingly, decades-in-the-making china shop of GOP-donor-class-friendly deregulations, trade deals and tax loopholes, etc. To this end and more, Trump doesn’t even know enough to know what he doesn’t know; and he doesn’t like to be told what to do. And it is beautiful to witness.

The endless greed and hatred that started their movement has finally worked its way back to them. Full circle. Karma. Whatever you want to call it. They don’t like it, but I do.

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