Whoopi Goldberg Blasts GOP For Their Clinton Witch Hunt, ‘Walk Away! Get Something New’ – Video


“The View” discussed the Benghazi committee reports and Whoopi Goldberg went off the GOP

Whoopi Goldberg, never one to mince words or temper her opinion, blasted the GOP about Benghazi on Wednesday’s episode of “The View.”

As a reminder, Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R. – SC), and the GOP released an 800-page report on Tuesday questioning the intelligence failures that resulted in the deaths of four Americans on September 11, 2012 in Libya.

It was the eighth congressional committee to look into the attacks, a point that seemed to particularly annoy the crew of the talk show.

“They need to really get with the program,” said Joy Behar. “Because it was eleven hours of testimony, now everybody saying she didn’t do anything,” pointing to the October hearing where Hillary Clinton was drilled with questions by The House Benghazi Select Committee.

Then it was Golberg’s turn and she let loose. “It makes no sense, you know? Look, if you’re gonna go after her — look, this is a part of the problem… [Clinton] sat with the Republicans, she sat with everybody she was supposed to sit with. She talked about everything; she didn’t do anything!” Goldberg said.

“Walk away! Get something new. We’re bored with it. It’s done.”

The hosts also pointed out how the NRA is now using the investigation in a series of pro-Donald Trump ads, claiming that, despite the best efforts of both parties in their Select Committee reports, the issue has become politicized.

Incidentally, the committee’s Democrats released a shorter report on Monday, finding no wrongdoing at all.

The more important point that was made during the conversation was in reference to public perception and that despite there being actual facts to refute the claims made mostly by the GOP, Clinton’s reputation has been damaged by the smears:

They already put it in our minds that it’s [Clinton’s] fault. The problem with society and social media is that once you put it in our minds, you can’t get it out. It sticks.

Here’s Whoopi:

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