Bernie Sanders Supporters Who Have Kicked, Screamed And Run – I Have A Message For You!

Bernie Sanders for President

I have a message for all those fair-weather Bernie Sanders supporters.

I also have one at the end of this post for the true Berners who understand that the revolution has just begun.

First, for the fair-weather Berners:

I am sick and tired of the sheer idiocy of some of the so-called Bernie Sanders “supporters” who, just because they didn’t get their way, have turned on the man they claimed they would follow to the ends of the earth. But now, since he had the temerity to come in second, he is a sell out. And Elizabeth Warren, who has fought for consumer rights and introduced a bill to reinstate Glass Steagall, is a Republican. These disgruntled crybabies are saying they think Hillary is a worse threat than Donald Trump.

There’s the butt-hurt wing. “I am on Social Security and I’ve sent money to Bernie but not another dime! He BETRAYED me!”

Then there’s the insanity wing. “Bernie only endorsed $hillary because he was threatened.”

There are the people who are saying Bernie should run as a third-party candidate, something he expressly said he would not do. So now, instead of praising Bernie as being a man who stands by his word, something that those “supporters” held in such high esteem, he’s a coward for not going back on his word. You just can’t win with some people. I often wonder if they were ever Bernie supporters at all and think that maybe they are just right wing plants who want to throw a monkey wrench into a movement they fear.

I have never seen such an ugly outpouring of vitriol and hatred in my life as what is being thrown at Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows I don’t like her for president, but I also know that we can work with her if we elect a Congress that will send progressive bills to her desk. She will not veto a national $15/hour minimum wage if it hits her desk. She will not veto a 21st Century Glass Steagall if it hits her desk. Already she had publicly come out for free state college and university for students whose families earn less than $125,000 annually. She has publicly called for the addition of a public option in the Affordable Care Act, which would be the eventual death knell for an insurance-based health care system.

Hillary Clinton is fully aware of her place in history. I can guarantee you it isn’t enough for her to be the first woman president. She wants to be a two-term successful president – a president who changed this country for the better – and she can’t do that unless we are there to push and prod her along a progressive path.

You know, way back when the primary season first started, there was that thing going around where you answered questions to see which candidate most closely matched your values? I took it, and Bernie rated 96; and Hillary was 92. Donald Trump was a single digit. So, given the choice, I will cast my vote for Hillary. I won’t be real happy about it, but at least I’ll know that I’m not helping to put Donald Trump in the White House backed up by a misogynistic, gay hating, climate change denier like Mike Pence.

And now for the true Berners (and perhaps some of the disgruntled who may wake up and smell reality):

If you’re ready for the next phase and want to roll up your sleeves and get this thing going, here are things you can do that will take our revolution to the next level.

Bernie and Jane Sanders have set up an organization to accomplish the goals Bernie talked about during his campaign. You can sign up for action alerts at Our Revolution.

Some of the 1900 Bernie Sanders delegates are having financial difficulties in getting to the convention – it’s expensive, what with travel and hotel expenses. All of them are needed to demonstrate the strength of the movement and drive home the fact that without us, the Democrats can’t win. Contribute here for Emergency Delegate Funding.

Are you especially interested in women’s rights and want to see the DNC include the fight for the ERA in its platform? Then get these women to the convention. Contribute here:

We may have lost the battle, but we can still win the war – and that doesn’t necessarily mean having Bernie as our president. We will still have him in the Senate, fighting every day – just as he has for the past 40 years – to further the interests of the working class and calling out the oligarchs for the lying, thieving modern-day feudal lords they are.

Are you ready to roll? I am! #stillfeelingtheBern

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