Bill Maher Asks Bernie Sanders About The Future. He Smiles, And Then Gets Serious.

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Bill is joined by Senator Bernie Sanders for re-cap of the Democratic Convention and to discuss his plans moving forward.

Much like millions of people who Felt The Bern, Bill Maher wondered “What next?” for one of the most respected politicians in nearly 100 years. (2)

He didn’t quite make it to the nomination, but in my lifetime, I’ve never seen a candidate as beloved as Bernie Sanders.”

After a thunderous round of applause from Maher’s studio audience, accompanied by smiles from the man himself, Bernie summed up the convention and what it meant for the Democratic Party.

Well, I think it was a good convention. I think it brought together people with different points of view within the Democratic Party. The Progressives, the more conservative, the moderates.”

And then he talked a bit about what comes next for Bernie’s army and about the terrifying future if Donald Trump is elected. (1)

I think what comes out of that convention, Bill, is the understanding that Donald Trump is the most dangerous Presidential candidate in the modern history of this country, and that he must be defeated.”

Soon after, Bill Maher got right down to it: Will you run in 4 years? Can you? His answer, while genuine, still leaves me wondering.

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