Evangelical Preacher Makes Inane Comparison Regarding Muslims – Video


Pat Robertson makes an inane comparison about Muslims.

Totally crazy, and probably senile, evangelical pastor Pat Robertson is unfortunately still pontificating from behind the desk of the 700 Club newsroom. This time he’s comparing Muslims to a body’s infection and the need to kill them.

Robertson, no stranger to metaphor and fiction, points out (in his interpretation at least) that the Bible tells us that we must get rid of this “invasion” or we will be overrun entirely.

The self-anointed translator of God’s word uses Belgium as an example, saying that they along with France and pretty much of all of Europe have allowed this “alien body” to come in and completely overthrow society and the government. This, Robertson speculates, has all been allowed by “the socialist liberals” overcome with political correctness. “I want to be open and I want to be welcoming to these people who come in,” Robertson says, and then goes on to explain how “these people” hang on to their traditions and clothes and will eventually take over the area.

I’d imagine he’s referring to what happened here when the Germans, Irish, Poles, Chinese, and Italians moved in and riddled the countryside with Olive Gardens, Chow Mein and parades. Those damned parades.

Whatever are we to do, asks Robertson’s co-host? “It’s going to take violence,” Robertson says. “They’ll have to move in with the Police dragnets.

“People are going to have to stand up and recognize the threat,” he continues. “If they don’t do it we’re doomed.”

And there it is. Watch the video below.

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