Meet The Failed Teapublican Rep. Who Declared War On Obama And Black Lives Matter


Deadbeat racist and failed Teapublican politician Joe Walsh has always waged war on human decency.

Joe Walsh failed GOP politician, took to Twitter to incite violence towards President Barack Obama and anyone involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

He ranted for hours; then, like the coward he is, deleted the tweets. Apparently, Walsh is too stupid to realize that nothing is ever “deleted” from the internet.

Screen capture from Twitter

Screen capture from Twitter

He would later claim that he, “wasn’t calling for violence, against Obama or anyone.” This is of course, a patent lie.

Not only does he intimate in this tweet that Obama and those involved in the BLM movement are not “real Americans,” he declares war against them and warns them that those that he is calling “real America” are “coming after” them. This kind of statement is what real, actual “race baiting” is; this is a direct threat against the president and a call for what appears to be a race war.

The shooter that was killed has been reported to be an Army Veteran. But, apparently Walsh, who couldn’t possibly have had any knowledge of who committed this heinous crime, had already decided that the killer(s) were uneducated and “thugs.” Racism is a sickness.

Of course, Walsh backtracked on his declaration of war, and the chances that he will actually pay for what amounts to a treasonous statement and a call for a race war in our “all men are created equal” country is close to nil. However, as you can see above, his message is unchanged; and he has added all Liberals to his list of enemies.

He would tell the Chicago Tribune:

Of course I didn’t mean ‘let’s go kill Obama and Black Lives Matter.’ I was not trying to incite violence against Obama and Black Lives Matter. That’s crazy and stupid and wrong.

Getting to know the anatomy of a Tea Party blowhard:

“Crazy and stupid and wrong,” is how Walsh described what it is clear that he did, though claims he didn’t do; but his history shows exactly what sort of man he is. There is a saying that fits here, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Walsh has made a career on faithfully hating America, American values, and being a “family values” deadbeat dad. His one term failure in the House was cut short by Tammy Duckworth, so he retreated to the only job left for Teapublican blowhards: ranting on public radio to the tin-foil-hat brigade. Sadly, this litany of fail politics seems to have left him believing that Americans will put up with hatred and racism in the guise of political discussion.

He is about to find that while his niche audience of White Nationalists and Trump lovers suck up his drivel with a spoon, most of America won’t; his history of shameful political theatrics, hateful racism, and sexist rhetoric will be his only legacy.

Wonkette recently reported on Walsh’s offensive, sexist and rude behavior during his losing run against Tammy Duckworth, a war hero whose steady prosthetic legs and deep commitment to Democratic values walked her to victory against him. He actually used her purchase of a dress, to wear at the DNC convention where she would be speaking, as a “point” against voting for her. Because apparently owning or buying a dress makes you unfit for office, according to Joe Walsh. It clearly has nothing to do with having a vagina, either, and wasn’t sexist at all.

Another of this man’s stellar achievements is to be a truly deadbeat dad:

Walsh first became a Wonkette favorite in 2011, when we learned the fiscal conservative teabagger had been sued by his ex for $117,000 in unpaid child support, and he immediately became a new avatar for the Party of Personal Responsibility. And not just in the sarcastic way Yr. Wonkette meant it — he actually received an award from the Family Research Council for his “100% pro-family” voting record, because you can vote for pro-patriarchy stuff even as you neglect your own responsibilities.

Joe Walsh is, of course, not a racist. Because it isn’t racist to say that Obama won the presidency, not because he is a Constitutional lawyer, nor because he inspired the nation, but because he was simply a, “black man who was articulate.”

One of the best measures of a man is how he treats his children, another, how he treats those with less perceived power than himself. This man is severely damaged, if his history and words are any indication, and a truly morally bankrupt human being. Walsh is not alone. He is just a poster child for the small percentage of America raging against the dying of their own privilege and the rise of real equality.

We have so far to go, but recognizing what it is that we are still fighting against, the racial privilege, the hatred, and the perceived supremacy of all things “white” and “Christian,” is important. Seeing this man for who he is, and recognizing that he has enough following to keep his bigoted voice blasting out among the disenfranchised haters of the real American way, is important.

What is most important is taking this information to the polls with you in November, and voting out the old, the hateful, and all those who support them.

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