Fox Airs Transgender Rights Ad During RNC, But They Still Don’t Want You To See THIS (VIDEO)

Fox is all set to air a transgender equality ad during their Republican Convention coverage, but still don't want viewers to see the ad on climate change.
Fox is all set to air a transgender equality ad during the Republican National Convention. Yet they refused to air an ad about climate change, so we are not obligated to think well of Fox.

The transgender equality ad explains why forcing people to use the wrong restroom is hurtful and puts them in danger. Quartz reports the ad will run in a prime slot on July 21, as the GOP makes their official nomination. The 60-second ad was produced by Fairness USA, a group of LGBTQ organizations.

You’d think Fox would find an ad about transgender equality to be far more controversial than an ad about climate change. Go figure.

Quartz adds Fairness USA’s big moment on Fox News cost them a hefty $270,000. Plus, they’re doing follow-up ads on Fox and scheduling a run on MSNBC for the Democratic National Convention as well.

So why won’t Fox run Friends of the Earth’s ad on climate change?

The ad on climate change was produced by Friends of the Earth to challenge climate change deniers, like the folks on Fox News and their viewers. It shows a faux Fox News anchor reporting on a series of extreme weather events. As she runs through the day’s droughts, forest fires, record high temperatures, and coastal flooding, the newsroom swiftly floods up to her chin.

The climate change ad ends with the question: “What will it take for Fox News to admit humans are changing the climate?”

The Huffington Post reports an ad agency submitted the 30-second spot to Fox News and they rejected it. CNN also rejected the climate change ad and explained that it may confuse viewers about what channel they’re watching. Fox, on the other hand, gave no reason at all.

Perhaps Fox News disliked the fake news format, or being the butt of the ad’s joke. The statement from Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth US, likely didn’t help either. He told reporters his group wants to “call out the nefarious role Fox News plays by keeping its audience confused about the climate threat to the country and world.”

In any case, it may be wise for the folks at Fox News to stay mum about the climate change ad. That way, they don’t have to worry about Friends of the Earth successfully addressing their concerns and having no excuse for not running their ad.

It’s highly likely that more of Fox’s advertisers care about climate change than about transgender issues.

Both the transgender ad and the climate change ad will raise hackles among Fox News’ right-wing viewers. But it’s a pretty safe bet that more of Fox’s advertisers care about climate change than they do about transgender issues. After all, letting transgender people use the right restroom would have zero effect on their profits.

On the other hand, any ad that gets more people on board with fighting climate change poses a threat to the fossil fuels industry.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) alone has a budget of over $200 million for their lobbying, PR, media, and ads. CNN even got busted after a study revealed they aired nearly five times as much in oil industry ads as in climate change-related news coverage in the weeks after two temperature records were broken. 2015 was the hottest year on record and February 2016 was the hottest month on record.

No wonder Fox News wants nothing to do with that climate change ad.

Featured image: Video screengrab via Friends of the Earth.

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