Social Media Reacts After Bush Can’t Contain Himself At Service For Dallas Police Officers – Video

George W. Bush Reacts

Former president George W. Bush decided to sing along and dance to a hymn at a memorial service for murdered police officers.  

President Obama, First Lady Michelle, the Dallas Chief of Police, hundreds of police officers and Laura Bush, who was apparently accompanied by one of those little wind-up dancing chimps, attended a memorial service for the five officers killed by Micah Johnson last week.

These are normally fairly somber affairs. After all, it was a service for five police officers who were killed by a sniper while defending protesters protesting people being shot by cops. It was somber for everyone, except it would seem, former president George W. Bush.

In the video below a choir sings “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” You’ll see everyone onstage is bowing their heads respectfully—except George W. Bush. Wearing a royal blue suit, bopping along like he’s at a revival and has taken too many drugs.

Holding his hand in quiet horror is Michelle Obama, who looks like she’d rather be holding Dick Cheney’s rifle. At one point Bush looks like he’s telling the First Lady to lighten up.

Social media went suitably and understandably nuts.

Is it any wonder Barbara Bush made it clear that she though there were enough Bush’s in the White House? A mother usually knows about the mental instability that runs in families.

Watch the video:

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