Ryan Bundy Attempts To Escape From Jail Using Braided Sheets – VIDEO


Federal Prosecutors report Ryan Bundy attempted to escape from jail using a rope braided from torn bed sheets.

Federal prosecutors alleged in court on Monday that Ryan Bundy, one of the leaders of the recent Oregon militia standoff, attempted to escape from jail using a braided sheet.

Assistant U.S. Prosecutor Geoffrey Barrow told the court during a pre-trial detention hearing in Portland that “We have actual proof that he tried to escape.” according to a report by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

Barrow advised the court that Bundy had braided together torn bed sheets to make a 12-15 foot rope in an attempt to escape the Multnomah County Jail. That rope was found during an April 8 search of his jail cell along with “containers of extra food along with six pillowcases, a chair, two extra pairs of boxers and more torn sheets,” according to OPB.

Barrow advised Judge Robert Jones that Bundy told bailiffs that he was “a rancher trying to practice braiding rope.”

Bundy told the court that the items were stored under his bed for his “comfort,” adding that “It’s self-serving speculation” to say that he was trying to escape “and simply not true, your Honor.”

Steve Alexander, spokesman for the Multnomah County sheriff’s office, confirmed the incident to The Guardian and advised that Bundy had received an administrative write-up for the incident but was facing no formal charges for attempted escape.

As The Guardian reports, “Angie Bundy, Ryan’s wife, who brought their eight children to court on Monday, said by phone that the accusation that he was planning to escape was ‘really stupid.'”

“I guarantee he wasn’t thinking he was going to break out with a sheet,” said Angie, confirming that she had not actually discussed the incident with her husband.

“When you’re sitting in a cell for that many hours, you get inventive. It was definitely him passing the time,” she said, adding that prosecutors “have been making all kinds of serious charges and outright lies this whole time.”

According to The Guardian, “Ryan was later transferred to jail in Nevada, where he is also facing criminal charges for his role in his father Cliven Bundy’s standoff with federal authorities in 2014.”

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