Tammy Duckworth Just Sent Donald Trump A Message And It Was SCATHING – Video


Disabled Iraq combat veteran Tammy Duckworth has plenty to say to Donald Trump about his treasonous behavior.

Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) took a moment to deliver a message to Donald Trump during her speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. Her message, resoundingly, was that Trump is not fit to lead the democracy that she gave her legs to protect.

She said:

By the way, Donald Trump, I didn’t put my life on the line defending our democracy so that you could invite Russia to interfere with it. You are not fit to be the Commander-in-Chief.

She was referring, of course, to Trump’s treasonous comment asking Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails. This comment drew censure from Liberal and Conservative former CIA and NSA directors alike; it crossed the line completely and utterly. His VP selection Governor Mike Pence’s nearly simultaneous promise that Russia would be held accountable for any involvement in the WikiLeaks document dump didn’t erase his disgusting, unthinkable call for Russia to commit espionage to help him win the election.

Tammy Duckwork has more compassion and patriotism in one of her prosthetics than he will ever have had, total, in his entire life. Donald Trump, as Elizabeth Warren has said, cares only about himself.

Tax breaks for the wealthy, destroying the ACA, repealing marriage equality, allowing states to pay a lower minimum wage than the federal minimum wage, and literally cutting social safety net programs through. All are things that will make Trump’s America a place that once you get knocked down, you stay knocked down.

Duckworth told her tale of success, the hard way, striving against the odds to succeed. She worked for it, her family worked for it, and our Pell Grants made it possible. People born with the advantage of money just don’t understand the amount of work it takes simply to get to their nearly foregone conclusion of a good education if they want it. We are not asking for handouts, nor free anything, we are asking for a fair run at success because that is not too much to ask in the greatest nation on Earth.

Duckworth opined:

I worked hard, but I had a lot of help from my community and my country and my story is not unique. It is a story about why this is the greatest nation on Earth. A nation that so many are willing to die defending.  A nation that says if you keep working hard we won’t abandon you. Of course, in Donald Trump’s America if you get locked — knocked down, you stay down.

We can’t allow that dark prospect, a Donald Trump’s America, to become a reality in which our children and grandchildren never know even the slim prosperity that many of us know now. Not even this level. Donald Trump’s America benefits Donald Trump. In doing so, it benefits those like him.

Trump is leading in the race at this moment, and we have lost sight of the fact that a GOP win is not an unforeseeable future because he is a joke if you look at the facts. A “President Donald Trump” is literally quite possible because he has a great ability to bamboozle; and Conservatives are not predisposed to having as much concern for facts or proof as Liberals are, preferring what makes them feel right or confirmation of their already held beliefs.

Tammy Duckworth pulled no punches, she is and will always be more qualified that Donald Trump to understand patriotism and the American dream. And she is right, completely, that Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States.


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