Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly: ‘Clinton’s Plans Are An Insult To Women’ & ‘Our Greatest Presidents Have All Been Men’

Famous toxic gender traitor Phyllis Schlafly is over the moon about the current GOP platform, which includes restricting abortion in cases of rape and incest, banning women from combat and completely ignoring equal pay or family leave.

Schlafly’s approval comes no surprise considering that in the 1970s she led the charge to stop the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would serve as constitutional protection against gender discrimination.

Schlafly is an RNC delegate; and, while attending the convention, she told Think Progress that Trump is the candidate who best represents the needs of women. More specifically, she said there’s no need for a woman in the Oval Office at all.

“Our greatest presidents have all been men, and they’ve been very good for our country,” Schlafly said.

Aside from the obvious fact that the U.S. has never had a woman president, Schlafly is delighted to see the GOP is moving backwards – to a time when women had no choices and needed to depend on men for financial stability and everything else.

Schlafly’s war against the ERA was successful because she used fear and lies to convince people (women) to vote against their best interests. And it’s clear that Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of this 91-year-old anti-feminist nightmare of a human being.

Schlalfly said Clinton’s plans are an insult to women and that it is “ridiculous” to think she would help women get ahead.

However, Ms. Magazine reports: “This month, the New York Times published a report on Hillary Clinton’s plans for her first 100 days in office, relying on interviews with advisors, friends and insiders to the campaign. Among the top goals mentioned was a plan to ‘tap women to make up half of her cabinet.

“In April, when asked by Cosmopolitan if she would commit to having at least 50 percent women in her cabinet, she answered:

“That is certainly my goal. A very diverse Cabinet representing the talents and experience of the entire country. And since we are a 50-50 country, I would aim to have a 50-50 Cabinet.”

As Think Progress points out:

“Hillary Clinton — the first woman to earn the nomination of a major party’s ticket — has said she would prioritize women and families in the White House. She has vowed to give all U.S. workers 12 weeks of paid family leave and has laid out a plan to close the wage gap between men and women.”

Shlafly asserted, “Women don’t need anything special. Women need a free country just like men.

“We’ve got very generous family leave right now. I do think the support of the children is the responsibility of the husband, not the employer.”

Republicans aren’t mentioning paid leave in this election cycle, and Schlafly is perfectly fine with that, saying that a national policy on paid leave is “not what we want at all.” According to the Department of Labor, United States employers are not required to provide paid leave and only 12 percent of private sector employees have access to paid medical leave through their employers.

Schlafly’s biggest beef is with women in combat. Earlier this year, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter lifted the ban; and Secretary Clinton supported the decision, saying that women should be able to make their own decisions about fighting in wars.

“The worst thing she’s doing is calling for the drafting of women,” Schlafly said. “It’s terrible because once you go in the army, you go where you’re told, and women are not suitable for combat and can’t do combat as well as men. It’s endangering the survival of our country to pretend that women can engage in military combat like men.”

Schlafly fails to recognize that it’s not 1975 anymore; and, while she was once able to successfully scare women as a way to halt constitutional gender equality, women of today have had a few decades to enjoy making their own choices – from abortion to birth control, to fighting in combat, to successfully competing in the workplace.

She is a miserable hypocrite who wants nothing more than to strip women of the very power she utilized and enjoyed to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment.

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