Trump Commits Treason, Invites Foreign Powers To Spy On Us – Video

Donald Trump

Donald Trump just invited Russia to spy on American political parties – specifically his opponent.

Shortly after a press event in which Donald Trump, the “Law and Order” candidate, called on Russia to find a supposed 33,000 missing Clinton emails, CNN’s David Gregory sat dumfounded on air.

Gregory observed, “how completely beyond the pale that Donald Trump is as a potential leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of our country. This is beyond the pale.”

As stated, earlier the same day, from his golf course in Florida, Trump was encouraging and even inviting Russia to hack the servers of one of our major political parties.

“It’s as if this is a child playing with matches who doesn’t understand how badly he and the country can get burned,” Gregory said. “It’s a very serious thing.”

Gregory added, “The lack of seriousness and the intemperance with which he speaks about important national security matters should certainly give people pause.”

What was it that the great orange wonder said that has everyone in such a state?

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

That may seem to some to be just the same old Trump shoot-from-the hip style, but to the real political world, and for that matter, the rest of the world, it sounds like a very real invitation to foreign powers to spy on America.

That was how Jake Sullivan saw it any way.

Watch the video from CNN below:

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