More Trumped Up Lies: Melania’s Imaginary Degree


As it turns out – Melania Trump’s college degree is about as real as the rest of her….

It may be less surprising to some that Melania Trump appears to have plagiarized a portion of her speech directly from Michele Obama when they find out that her degree is, literally, a figment of the Trump’s imagination.

According to Julia Ioffe:

Donald Trump’s wife, Melania has been touted as a University graduate with a degree that it turns out she doesn’t have. Melania reportedly dropped out in her freshman year, when she moved to Milan. But, that didn’t stop her from using a nonexistent degree in design and architecture to pad her resume not only professionally, but also on the RNC programs.

This information colors every word ever spoken, every statement made by this woman. There is no way that it can be overlooked that she is a straight up liar. Of course, we know that Trump finds lying to make a profit or to bamboozle a sale to be totally okay – he literally wrote a book on it, so it isn’t surprising that his wife would use those tactics.

It is even less of a surprise when Donald Trump doesn’t include the fact that he attended Fordham college before Wharton, and that his placement in the graduating class has been “evolving” over time. Something that usually doesn’t happen, for sure. However, in Trump’s case, his ranking seems to have changed over the years,

According to The Daily Pennsylvanian:

Reports of Trump’s grades at Wharton vary. The New York Times reported in 1973 and 1976 that he graduated first in his class. But in a 1985 biography of Trump, Jerome Tuccille wrote that he was not an honor student and “spent a lot of time on outside business activities.”

Another biographer, Gwenda Blair, wrote in 2001 that Trump was admitted to Wharton on a special favor from a “friendly” admissions officer. The officer had known Trump’s older brother, Freddy.

Curiously, nearly none of his classmates even remember him, making his claims of being at the top of his class very troubling, because competition for those coveted top spots is usually steep and isn’t something people forget.

Donald and Melania Trump just keep showing us that there is nothing about them that we can trust.

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