Anti-Abortion Activists Taking Creepy To A Whole New Level – Video

Anti-Abortion Group To Confront Hillary Clinton With ‘Actual Unborn Children’ At Campaign Events

Mark Harrington, head of the anti-abortion-rights group Created Equal, announced in a YouTube video that he’s launching “The Hillary Project.” He and other anti-abortion activists are plotting to “personally present” Hillary Clinton “with actual unborn children” on the campaign trail.

Harrington never specifies how these “unborn children” will be obtained or what form they’ll be in if they manage to get close enough to Clinton to facilitate their creepy plot.

Via the YouTube description:

Created Equal PAC, a project anti-abortion activist Mark Harington, is launching an effort to present Hillary Clinton with the victims of abortion. Mark Harrington, acting as a private citizen and volunteer for Created Equal PAC, will be directing activists to personally present presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with actual unborn children at campaign stops around the country. Additionally, Mark will be coordinating public protests at Clinton public events.

As Right Wing Watch pointed out: “There is precedent for this: In 1992, an anti-abortion protester with Operation Rescue “thrust a fetus in a plastic container” at Bill Clinton while he was leaving for a morning jog during the Democratic National Convention in New York.”

Created Equal activists protested the Democratic and Republican conventions over the summer and hired pilots to fly over both conventions with banners featuring graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.