Twitter Burn Of The Year: Astrophysicist Responds To Climate Change Denier



Astrophysicist just owned a climate change troll!

And it didn’t end there. As Business Insider reports, “JK Rowling just high-fived Melbourne astrophysicist [Dr. Katherine J. Mackon] on Twitter after she owned a climate change troll,” sharing the moment with “her nearly 8 million followers.”

See for yourself in her tweet, below:

Here are some more awesome replies:

Dr. Mack earned her PhD in astrophysics at Princeton University and her undergraduate degree in physics at CalTech. She’s currently based at the University of Melbourne and holds a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) on the topic: “Dark matter particle physics and the first sources of light in the universe.”

She knows a thing or two about science, climate and dark matter.

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