Maine Gunsmith Falls Victim To ‘Frightened Diaper Baby Man Syndrome’


Frightened Diaper Baby Man Syndrome is born from the inane hatred exuded by a Maine gunsmith.

Bill Darling, owner of Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing on Route 302 in Raymond, Maine, has been well-known for years for trumpeting his opinions on a large sign in front of his business.

Kimberley Johnson, Senior Editor for Liberals Unite, came across a photo of one of his signs in a Reddit post mocking supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and took to her twitter page to offer her own opinion on the matter.

And this here is what we call Frightened Diaper Baby Man Syndrome (#FDBMS) – a disease that causes grown men who fear gender equality to put their symptoms of irrational anxiety on public display. (#NotAllMen have #FDBMS) #VagendaOfManocide

The Portland Press Herald reached out to Darling as part of a broader article, Business and politics can be a volatile mix.

Darling would not comment in depth on his signs but said, “People have their opinions already.” He added that he doesn’t worry about customer or general public reactions.

“They’ve got their opinions, that’s fine with me,” he said, adding: “That’s what America is all about.”

Blogger Urban Infidel took a trip to the shop in August of 2012, writing of his experience:

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, William Darling, Jr.  He doesn’t have a website, use email or even own a computer.  The ‘spider signs’, the smaller portable ones he used to have out in front of his gun shop, like this, are now completely banned from display in town.  Businesses can no longer have them citing a ‘safety hazard’ for drivers on the road.  But really it’s because there were some people in town who objected to his political messages.

Liberals Unite was unable to confirm whether or not the Darling’s signs were the motivation for its passage, but Raymond does have an eleven-page sign ordnance that was last updated in 2009.

Below are a couple more examples of Darling’s signs over the years.