The Only Thing Trump Gets Right Is Trade, But For The Wrong Reasons

Donald Trump

Even when Trump accidentally gets something right – it’s for the wrong reasons.

The TPP is a terrible trade deal for Americans. The otherwise scatter-brained Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, seems to know that. However, he might not realize that he’s got the trade issue right for the wrong reasons. TPP won’t just kill American jobs, it will kill America as we know it.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being sold to the public as a trade deal. It is not a trade deal. It’s a corporate rights agreement that multinational corporations have been working on in secret for nearly a decade.

Although some of the horrors of this pseudo trade deal are becoming more widely known, few are talking about Chapter 27; the most insidious pile of words ever put on paper. If the MSM dared to give this chapter more attention, public outcry would undoubtedly stop TPP dead in its tracks. But more on that later.

Since the devilish details remain largely unknown, President Obama moved forward last week with a draft Statement of Administrative Action, (SSA) which essentially tells Congress that he will soon be asking for a vote on the TPP. He also took this step because part of the deal requires Congress to change US laws.

As noted in Politico:

Once Congress reviews the draft notification that the White House submitted on Friday, the administration can move forward with sending lawmakers a final statement and the draft of the implementing bill itself. The legislation will describe the actual changes to U.S. law to comply with the rules of the trade agreement.

If that doesn’t set off a lot of alarm bells, the next step should. It involves the aforementioned Chapter 27, which requires the creation of the all-powerful Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission (TPPC).

The TPPC is no ordinary panel of bureaucrats. It’s a commission of ‘ministers’ who are accountable to no one but themselves. And they have the power to change any or all of the TPP agreement – after it’s signed.

President Obama has publicly referenced Chapter 27 a few times, when describing the TPP as a ‘living agreement.’ This provision is, in reality, a cleverly phrased way of saying that once signed, member nation ‘ministers’ in the TPPC can get together behind closed doors and change the terms of deal at will, without approval from any elected official or public scrutiny.

If you add together the power of the TPP Commission and the investor state dispute (ISDS) provisions, which give foreign corporations the right to sue governments over laws they don’t like, you have all the ingredients needed to make sovereign governance a toothless facade.

Karel Van Wolferen spells out the details of ‘The Predators Behind The TPP’ in the Japan Times.

The TPP and TPIP accords are about power, not trade…In particular, these treaties would allow U.S. corporations to engage in conduct unchecked by national rules of the participating countries. In eyes not fogged over through neoliberal dogma, such a thing would be recognized as predation.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership establishes corporate supremacy with the authority to rule every aspect of society. This control stretches from land use, to the financial sector, to intellectual property, pollution and environmental exploitation, and much more.

Furthermore, TPP surrenders so much governing power to corporations, it’s not a stretch to image it being abused as vehicle to crush the 1st Amendment, the entire Bill of Rights, or render the US Constitution worthless. These are not the elements of a trade deal.

Those who know the details of the TPP and understand its implications realize that if passed, nothing else: no local law or national legislation, will ever stand again if it does not serve the interest of corporate profits. This is why the Trans-Pacific Partnership was negotiated in secret, classified as a top secret document, and kept secret, even from the members of the US Congress who will be voting on it.

No rational, sovereign body of lawmakers in a democracy would knowingly surrender their right to self-govern. Yet the vast majority of Congress will do just that, and likely vote on TPP without ever knowing what’s in it.

This pseudo trade deal will not only transform America, it will change the way people all over the world are governed, regardless of how or if they vote.

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou