George Takei Unleashes Online Tirade Against Donald Trump

George Takei

George Takei spent part of his weekend blasting Donald Trump in a hilarious Twitter tirade.

Beloved Star Trek actor, director, author, and activist George Takei took to his Twitter account this weekend to blast Donald Trump on a wide range of issues.

The Twitter-fest was kicked off on Friday when Takei responded to an earlier tweet by Trump questioning Obama for spending time campaigning for Hillary Clinton instead of running the country, although the same could be said for his running mate Mike Pence who is out on the campaign trail instead of performing his duties as the Governor of Indiana.

Takei aptly responded because as Commander-in-Chief Obama has a sworn duty to protect us from domestic threats.

Next, he briefly touched on Trump backing down from his birther claims and addressed Trump once more alluding to violence against Hillary, suggesting that her security detail disarm and “see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay? It’ll be very dangerous.”

Takei, responded:

Returning to Trump admitting Obama was born in the United States, Takei posted a couple of tweets:

He went on to connect the birther controversy to Trump’s belligerent withholding of his tax returns:

Addressed his three marriages:

Takei also posted some tweets about Trump’s temperament- or lack thereof – and regarding the importance of voting:

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