A Millennial’s Take On Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix, Arizona

If this was all about money and power, Hillary Clinton would be the CEO of whatever multinational corporation she wanted to be.

In response to a post I made on Facebook, one of my friends posted this status. I contacted him to ask if it would be okay for me to put this up on Liberals Unite because it impressed the hell out of me and addressed an issue—Hillary Clinton’s wealth—in a way I had never considered. He got back to me and said he was not the originator of the post. His friend, Miri Plowman, a 30-something spokesperson for millennial voters, had given him permission to re-post her status. Miri has graciously allowed me to share with you her thoughts on Hillary Clinton. Kudos to her. All I can say is, I wish I’d written that!

Miri’s Post:

Reading all the negative posts about Hillary has been disheartening and depressing. If this was all about money and power, Hillary Clinton would be the CEO of whatever multinational corporation she wanted to be, and truthfully have SO MUCH MORE POWER than the president of the United States does. People are painting her with so much evil and disdain. It saddens me, because I see someone who has worked hard her whole life in the public eye. She’s had some failures and some successes, but has unfailingly shown such determination.

Sure, she chose to play in the Patriarchal game that we call politics in the United States. That requires a certain level of insanity in the first place, and even more so as a woman. I am not negating that there might be unfavorable things somewhere in Hillary’s past. I am negating the idea that it is so black and white. I am negating this idea that she has some sort of evil soul and is trying to take down all things good in the world. Have you had a look at her daughter? Hillary created another person, and if nothing else, her daughter seems nice. And caring. And she seems to care for humanity. You can’t raise a child like that if you have a heart of darkness. What if this is exactly how the Patriarchy wants you to portray her—as evil, as completely narcissistic, as maniacal? Are you one of those people who has fallen prey to feeding into a deeply internalized version of sexism and misogyny? We see a strong woman who plays in a masculine dominated arena and we find every single way to demoralize, devalue, and degrade her as less than. Even by asserting that it is her cunning that drives her evil, the outcome is still the same: A woman unworthy.

We talk about the money she has received for speeches. Hillary could be despicably wealthy if she wanted to be. She could be living a truly lavish life free from all of this wrath and venom—like in a HEARTBEAT. She chose a path that is not perfect, but that very few women in this country have been able to travel. And only one woman has been able to come this far. For what it’s worth, I, as a 30-something who still has much time in front of me, am inspired by that; and I am GRATEFUL for it. I admire her—even with her flaws that have surely failed us as a country in moments. Yet, she persists. It’s almost biblical. Bernie was painted as some sort of Messiah. So was Barack. Maybe we aren’t looking for a Messiah. Maybe we are just looking for a steady leader, who sees the complexity of it all, and does her best to work with that. I know that is what I am looking for.

Thank you, Miri, for allowing me to post this and for your insightful evaluation of the next President of the United States.

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