The Architect That #Trump Stiffed 10 Years Ago? He Got A Letter From Donald …


This isn’t being a smart business person — it’s being a bully.

During the first debate, wherein Hillary Clinton called Donald out on not paying contractors — specifically, an architect who was sitting in the audience — he responded with “Maybe he didn’t do a good job.”

Andrew Tesoro was stiffed out of $100,000 for the project — work that Donald himself referred to in a recommendation letter to the owner of the firm.

Tesoro read from it on-air live on MSNBC the next day, Donald did not say that the firm didn’t do a good job — at all. (And yes, this was after the project was finished in 2006).

Mr. Tesoro is a fine architect with imagination and spirit … [the building] has magnificent porches and balconies. Andrew Tesoro is a dedicated, enthusiastic, talented, and solid professional. He did a great job for me, and I heartily recommend him to anyone who may need the services of a top-notch architect.”



Is this how you treat small businesses?

Apparently, in Donald’s world, yes.


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