Trump Shows His Hand, Reveals Plan To Hijack The Debates

Donald Trump

Donald Trump reveals his plan to hijack the debates and offers insight into his plan of attack on Hillary Clinton.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has revealed his plan to hijack the debates through an online debate prep survey sent to his fans via email on Thursday.

His email is innocuous enough, filled with the usual grandstanding…..

“In 11 days, I get the honor of fighting for you in the first presidential debate against Crooked Hillary Clinton,” the email begins. “To prepare for the BIGGEST night of our campaign, I’m turning to the very people who have humbled me and gotten me to where I am today… YOU.”

Take the survey now and let Trump know what issues are important to you!

He goes on to explain that “this debate isn’t even about me,” rather it is “a fight between the American people and the political machine that Crooked Hillary represents.”

However, it isn’t his email that is revealing – it is the survey itself.

The first question is the most revealing, indicating Trump’s intention to ignore the moderators to a certain extent  and to hijack the debates, turning it into a forum for subjects and questions for Hillary that he wants raised – not those established by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

The first question reads in part:

“Which of the following issues do you want Donald Trump to address on the debate stage even if moderators fail to bring them up? (Select as many that apply.)” [emphasis added]

The rest of the 30 question survey includes some interesting insight into the kind of attacks Trump might launch at Hillary during the debates.

Below are but a few samples – you can click here to review the entire survey (or to fill it out and submit it yourself).

  • Should Trump contrast his tell-it-like-it-is attitude with Hillary’s running list of lies, corruption, and deceit?
  • Should Trump force Hillary to answer questions about her email scandal that the press still won’t ask?
  • Should Trump call out Hillary for wanting to put coal miners out of business?
  • Should Trump call out Hillary’s reluctance to say “radical Islamic terrorism” and her underlying fear of being politically incorrect?
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