The End Of The Trump Train Wreck Is Upon Us (Video)

Donald Trump

The cracks are starting to show in the ridiculous sideshow that has been the Trump campaign.

Even Trump himself has made an oblique reference to a possible loss. On a stop in Florida, he said, “My message is this: If we win on November 8, we are going to fix our rigged system. It’s a rigged, broken, corrupt system. It’s rigged. It’s broken. It’s corrupt. They want me to take that back. Lemme tell you … folks, it’s a rigged system and we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington D.C.”

Suggestion to The Donald: Buy a thesaurus. Your overuse of the words rigged, broken and corrupt has become ineffective. And how do we know that? Uh, because Florida, one of the reddest Republican bastions is now in play. Of course, Trump doesn’t believe that because he lives in an alternative universe. He went on to say, “The numbers are looking phenomenal in Florida. Don’t believe the media, but even the media is giving pretty good numbers; they can’t help it. But the numbers are even better than what they’re saying.”

Maybe in your alternative universe, Donald. In the real world? The numbers are looking phenomenally bad – for you. And despite the pathetic efforts of Governor Rick Scott to dump mail-in ballots, it looks like Florida is in play big time with Hillary in the lead or at least tied. Admittedly, Hillary’s lead is within the margin of error in some polls, but that is saying something! And then there’s Texas – big, red Texas, where Trump’s lead is within the margin of error. And that’s saying something, too.

What it’s saying is that We The People are fed up with the train wreck that is Donald Trump. We The People are tired of the rest of the world looking at us and wondering what the hell is wrong with those Americans. And on November 8, We The People will reject him and all of the deplorable things he stands for.

And here’s the thing: Trump knows it, too. He’s shut down his fundraising operation, which is a clear sign that the writing is writ large on the wall. Buh bye, Donald! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

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Ann Werner

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