Chelsea Handler: Trump Thinks He’s The Victim Of Systemic Rig-ism  

Chelsea Handler is one sassy, sarcastic woman and she recently did a fine job of once again mocking Donald Trump for his incessant whining about how everything is rigged against him. #PoorBaby

She ticks off a list: polls, the election, the Emmys. The list is quite long, and although it’s not surprising (because we’ve been watching him whine for more than a year now), it is eye-opening to see all of it laid out.

Without spoiling her witty commentary, I’m posting the video for you so you can watch and laugh at how pathetic Trump is. His behavior isn’t really funny but in order to stay sane, we need to find the humor until Election Day.

Remember to vote. Bring a friend or two or three or four. Vote down-ballot and vote in every election. Send a message to the GOP that we will never accept a candidate like Trump again!

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