" /> Civil War Breaks Out Within The Ohio GOP Over Donald Trump

Civil War Breaks Out Within The Ohio GOP Over Donald Trump

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Trump’s campaign breaks from the Ohio GOP a mere 24 days from the election.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a civil war of sorts has erupted in Ohio over Donald Trump, “underscoring the searing divisions over Donald Trump within the Republican Party.”

According to a Saturday morning report by The Dispatch: “Trump’s Ohio campaign today disassociated itself with state GOP Chairman Matt Borges because of his lack of support for the party’s presidential nominee.”

Trump “is very disappointed in Matt’s duplicity,” Trump’s Ohio director, Robert Paduchik, told the GOP’s state central committee in an extraordinary letter today — a mere 24 days from the election.

“Mr. Trump told me, ‘this is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders,’” Paduchik added to the 66-member group, which picks the chairman.

“It’s no great secret that Chairman Borges was never fully on board, but his actions over the last week demonstrate that his loyalties to Gov. John Kasich’s failed presidential campaign eclipse his responsibility as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party,” Paduchik said in the letter, adding that: “The chairman is also driven by an apparently insatiable need for publicity.”

The Columbus Dispatch also reports that Borges is quoted as saying he is not sure yet who he will be voting for in November and has excused Ohio Republican officeholders from supporting Trump’s campaign.

Cincinnati.com reports that according to The Financial Times, “his wife, Kate, can’t get behind the controversial billionaire – and won’t let Borges put a Trump sign in their Columbus-area yard.

When asked about his possible non-support for Trump’s candidacy, Borges told The Columbus Dispatch “How can I? Trump could still conceivably withdraw. If another shoe drops, he almost has to. And we are all standing by, shell shocked, waiting for it to come.”

Borges added that excusing other GOP officeholders from supporting Trump’s campaign is proper “because, I don’t believe it’s the party’s role to punish anyone for following their conscience.”

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