George Takei Unleashes Twitter Storm Of The Century On Donald Trump

George Takei

Beloved Star Trek actor and activist George Takei unleashed a Twitter storm on Donald Trump in the wake of his revolting 2005 comments about women.

As one might expect, celebrities and politicians are expressing shock in the wake of the release of an audio recording of Trump’s repulsive 2005 remarks about women.

Beloved Star Trek actor, director, author, and activist George Takei took to his Twitter account last night to join others in blasting Donald Trump over those comments.

Takei began by posting a link to the Washington Post article revealing those comments, writing: “Trump literally just declared to a reporter that ‘No one respects women as much as me.’ So explain this, Donald.”

Next he mocked Trump using his famous “YOU’RE FIRED” line from his now cancelled television program “The Apprentice.”

Referring to Trump’s pitiful showing during the first presidential debate and his claims that he suffered microphone problems, Takei tweeted: “Trump is about to blame a microphone for all his problems again.”

Takei finished out his Twitter storm – at least for now – with the following tweets:

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