Obama’s Latest Approval Rating On A Par With Reagan’s In 1988 – Video


Latest poll shows Obama’s approval rating at a new high, on a par with Ronald Reagan’s at this point in his second term.

At 55%, President Obama’s approval rating has reached the highest point of his second term, matching his highest polling since taking office nearly eight years ago, placing his numbers well above those of George W. Bush and about the same as Ronald Reagan at this point in their terms of office.

CNN reports a new CNN/ORC poll finding:

The new rating outpaces his previous second-term high — reached just after a Democratic convention that extolled the successes of his presidency — by one point, and hits a level he’s reached just twice since the end of his first year in office: In January 2013 just before his second inauguration and in January 2011.

The new poll continues a streak in which Obama’s approval rating has been at 50% or higher in CNN/ORC polls since February, a seven month run that is his longest since 2009. And taken together, Obama’s approval ratings in 2016 average 51% so far in CNN/ORC polls, his best mark since that first year in office.

This is significant, considering that Obama was polling 10-points lower the same time last year; and, as CNN reports: “improvement in his numbers has come across age groups and gender lines, and from all geographic regions.”

Looking to partisan approval, Obama is up 12-points among Democrats to an 89% approval rating, up 14-points among independents to 56% approval, and up 2-points among Republicans to 13% approval.

Obama is up 15-points among whites to 47% approval, up 8-points among Hispanics to 68% approval, up 2-points among non-whites to 70% approval, and among black voters the number was identical at 86% approval.

CNN adds that “in a further measure of the educational rift among whites that’s been highlighted by this year’s presidential race, 55% of whites with college degrees say they approve of Obama’s work as president vs. just 44% of whites who do not have degrees.”

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