Active Shooter Training Now Required For Election Officials Because Of Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric 

NPR shared a story about how poll workers across the country are now on high alert because of the recent firebombing of a Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina and the reports that two armed men in Virginia stood for hours outside of a Democratic campaign office to intimidate volunteers.

Add to that — Donald Trump is pushing the dangerous narrative that the election is rigged against him and he’s urging his fired up supporters to “watch” over polling places.  NPR calls his warnings “rhetorical time bombs.”

But the most unsettling part of the story came in a quote from the director of elections for the city and county of Denver, Amber Reynolds (emphasis mine):

“You know, it’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but we want to be overly prepared. We have added in an active shooter training into our election judge training.

McReynolds noted that poll workers must be prepared to handle anything that might happen on Election Day in a calm, responsive way. She added that there is also a central hotline in case of problems which will allow her office to track what’s happening in the city as the day progresses.

“And if we need to mobilize the police department or another emergency response team, we can do that pretty easily,” McReynolds said.

Donald Trump likes to say he’ll make America great again. But what he’s really doing is making America violent and paranoid, and he will lose on November 8 — as long as voters show up and vote.

No matter what you feel about either one of the presidential candidates, make sure to vote for all of the down-ballot candidates. They are the lawmakers and they have a direct impact on your life.

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