Thank You, Donald Trump . . . For Being Donald Trump

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore 2

The disaster that is Donald Trump is headed for defeat, and it can’t come fast enough for me. But it would be wrong not to congratulate him on being the voice for the women of this country, albeit in a roundabout way.

What? Have I gone completely insane?

No. It’s Trump who is insane, but by being the hideous person he is, he has brought to the forefront the pervasive rape culture in this country. He has started a national conversation no woman could have initiated. Indeed, women who have spoken up have been labeled man haters, whiners, humorless harpies who can’t take a joke (or a compliment, because the Neanderthals who grope or catcall to women think those gropes and catcalls are charming and indicative of admiration). I’m sure the Donald thought (if he thought at all) the recipients of his unwanted attentions were glad to have someone so famous, so rich, so powerful grope them, because … hey, it’s Donald Trump!

As a woman who has been passed over in employment situations due to my gender (and it was made clear to me that was the reason), groped at work and schooled by men I hardly even knew about how I should conduct myself, I am glad Donald Trump has put himself on display. I am glad he has shown that there are some men in this country who have zero respect for women, because if a woman had made that accusation, well, you can go back to the characterizations of them being man haters, whiners and humorless harpies. I am glad that sports figures have come out and said his proud description of sexual assault was not locker room talk. I am glad parents are sitting down with their sons and having conversations about respecting women.

I am deeply saddened by the women who support Trump and turn a blind eye to the fact that he feels he has carte blanche to walk into a dressing room full of half dressed or completely naked TEENAGE girls to “inspect” the merchandise at one of his beauty pageants. I am shocked that these feminine supporters will come out and actually say that Trump’s actions towards women are a diversion from the real issues. What real issues would those be? His denigration of Muslims, Mexicans, our military, PTSD sufferers, veterans, POWs, disabled people, African-Americans, and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to his totalitarian vision for the United States? Perhaps the issue is equal pay. Trump has said he thinks the American worker is paid too much – and we all know women get paid less than men, so the argument about economic issues goes out the window with that one. Or maybe it’s about how weak the United States is and how we are viewed as such throughout the world? That’s a bunch of horse manure, but to Trump and his loyal followers, truth has no meaning. Apparently, neither does respect for your fellow man. But Putin is a great leader!

I expect garbage like that from his Alt Right faction, but can’t fathom why there are women out there who would support such a sexist jerk. I can’t even liken them to women who stay with their abusers, since many of those women fear for their lives if they attempt to leave. Some abused women who attempted to leave have lost their lives, so the fears are well founded. I don’t think the Donald is going to grab a gun and shoot them like a drunken estranged spouse would (although he might just grab their private parts), so I just can’t understand the motivation of those women.

Thankfully, the women who back Trump are a very small minority. I hope they get the help they need. In the meantime, I’ll say it again. Thank you, Donald Trump, for being the poster boy for what is worst in our country and for finally starting a national conversation about rape culture that is long overdue.

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